talent supply chain
ERP For People Industry

Efficient Demand And Supply Management

Efficient talent supply, Efficient demand and supply management to secure right resource at the right time at the right cost with the right skill.
Strategic Management
ERP For People Industry

Strategic Management Dashboards

Management dashboards to help in identification and visibility of pockets of inefficiency. Dashboards provides drill down to ensure quick decision making.
Planning and Analytics
ERP For People Industry

Planning & Analytics

Periodic manpower planning help you to optimize use of workforce for sustainable operational efficiency.
Profitability and Growth
ERP For People Industry

Profitability & Growth

Delicate balance between profitability and growth i.e. high utilization and adequate talent availability.

OptiEdge Features

role based process definition

Role Based Process Definitions

Role based process definition for resource fulfillment and allocation.
Role Based Access Management

Role Based Access Management

Access to functionality based on defined privileges.
Resource Supply Demand Visibility

Resource Supply & Demand Visibility

Resource supply & demand visibility helps in predictive insight for quicker deployment and hiring decisions.

Project Profitability Tracking

Tracking of resource deployment against the project budget.
Target Definition and Tracking

Target Definition and Tracking

Target definition based on annual manpower planning and tracking against the same.
Profile Matching Algorithm

Profile Matching Algorithm

Profile matching based on various parameters like skill, location, proficiency etc.
Scalable Technical Architecture

Scalable Technical Architecture

OptiEdge is created with state of art technology stack with a High Performing, Scalable technical architecture with enterprise level security.
Saas based pricing

Saas Based Pricing

OptiEdge saas based pricing is structured to reduce complex and growth linked cost.
Efficient Skill and Profile Management

Efficient Skill And Profile Management

Standardize skill catalogue for standardization of demand, supply and individual profile match. Profiles based on resource proficiency on technical, domain and experience.

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